Light leaves its place to dark,
Watch it with your eyes,
Feel the change in your heart,
The hollowness, the old scar…
Waiting to be filled by my star.

O, my bright star!
Shine upon my hollow heart,
Illuminate the depths of me!
Fill the emptiness with your rays,
Guide me in your way, for that is,
What I seek in life.

The light caresses me with its rays
Purges me from the darkness within
My love shines upon me
So that I can shine upon the world

Losing myself in the comfort of the night
Glimpses of lights flicker in the dark
I look around and see darkness within light
Hopes that give me comfort and agony
All in the dark.

Why not?

Years have passed since The Arab Spring, yet the Syrian Civil War is still ongoing. Since the civil war, according to article on, which refers to the statement of Minister of Interior, 3.551.078 immigrants have fled to Turkey and they are spread around the cities, trying to survive in these lands. How heroic and merciful we are to accept a horde of immigrants for the sake humanity, for the heritage of ours from Ottoman Empire and for the facade.

Our humanity persisted and those refugees accommodated on our lands for years, they were eligible to get assistance from our government and humanitarian aids. They took free education, free salary, places to accommodate but nothing to give in return. The things have changed for them but not for their country and not for us, the Syrian War is still continuing and Turkish armed forces are still operating on those foreign lands but for what? For nothing? Isn’t there a reward to our heroic facade? We should be commemorated and paid back for our humanitarian acts.

Now I will offer you what you deserve, what I deserve and what our nation deserves. As the report states that there are over 3.000.000 refugees in Turkey and we can use them as resources such as suicide soldiers to assist our soldiers on foreign soils, visceral farms to harvest their visceral for helping those who are in need of organ transplant. We can conduct scientific tests on them improve our knowledge and reach far beyond our competitors, we can train them from youth to serve us as slaves for various purposes from house cleaners to assist our beloved women to sex slaves to serve our hard working men, they would have no aim in life but to serve.

By using them as suicide soldiers we may be able to drastically reduce soldier death ratio of ours as well as increasing mission success percentage due to acceptable casualties, by using them as visceral farming spots we may help our citizens who are in need of certain internal organs and speed up the process of organ transplant, by using them as test subjects we may speed up our researches and let ourselves braver than before, by using them as slaves we may let household focus on more crucial tasks and by using them as sex slaves we may let our men steam off on them and focus on crucial tasks without their wild desires.

Overall, such a valuable resource is going in vain. By taking the action we can turn a burden into a living resource that would help us in various ways.

Musa Kaan Durmuş

Disclaimer: This work was supposed to be disgusting and point out that reason by itself should be dangerous. I am not backing up any ideas here, please don’t take anything out of the context.

Inspired Work: A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

Paradise on Earth

I woke up and looked around me with thrill. There was nothing but dried trees, nothing but plain soil, there was no light around me, it was night. I got up and started walking aimlessly, walking through trees only to find other trees. It was like a maze, a never ending maze and I was trapped in it with no idea. I was thrilled and anxious, I was hearing footsteps but couldn’t see anything, I had no choice but go onward into the unknown.

As I walked onward time went by and I finally found myself in a square with nothing in it. The ground was made of stones but they were untouched for years, wild plants were erecting through their gaps and soil was eager to conceal the rest. I looked up and saw the moon, the guiding moonlight in pitch black darkness. I lost my focus and kept looking at the moon, I had no thoughts but the moon in my mind and it got bigger and bigger. The moon wasn’t only on the arch now but it was in my eyes and mind as well. I closed my eyes involuntarily and woke up.

I was in my bed next to my beautiful wife, she was sleeping peacefully. I looked around me and tried to get over the shock of the horrific nightmare and I did. It was just a nightmare and now after horror I was in my bed next to my beloved, feeling her soft and warm skin on mine, making me calm and filled with love. I kissed her hand and got on my foot and head towards kitchen to prepare breakfast for my family. As I was passing through the aisle I saw my son and daughter playing a game on television, they looked cheerful and we greeted each other. As I went into the kitchen I sat on a chair and thought about the nightmare, how horrific it was but all that horror was gone, I was in my home with my family , on a calm Sunday morning preparing breakfast with various food.

30 minutes ago I was stuck in my dream and when I woke up, I actually woke up to my actual dream in life, the place I ever wanted to be, the source of my happiness and serenity, I was with my family in our little house, my love on the bed, kids are cherishing each other and me preparing breakfast with variety. The horror I experienced made me realize how happy I am, how that exact time I was experiencing the paradise on earth. I didn’t have to look anywhere else, I just had to realize I was living it after all.

Musa Kaan Durmuş

Özel Öğretim Yöntemleri

Learner Autonomy in the language classroom

Why do we need it?

  • Basically about having one being responsible for his/her learning.

Scope for Autonomy in the CEF

  • The council of Europe supports methods of language teaching and learning.
    • Which help young people and indeed old learners to build up the attitudes, knowledge and skills they need to become more independent in thought and action, and more responsible and co-operative in relation to other people.
    • In this way the work contributes to the promotion of democratic citizenship.

The General Competence of Language Learners

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Existential Competence
  • Ability to Learn

Which of the following tasks are the responsibility of the teacher?

  • Material selection / –
  • Final decision on what is right or wrong / –
  • Assessing students performance and giving feedback / –
  • Distributing and collecting materials and works / +
  • Providing information / –
  • Seating arrangements / –
  • Error correction / –
  • Sequencing of the learning materials / ?
  • Using tools and resources. / ?

Note: Negotiate with your students as much as possible.
* Aims and objectives
* Materials
* Self-directed learning
* Resources
* Ideas to deal with content
* Learner Roles
* Participatory
* Responsible
* Linking learning experiences
* Evaluation
* What
* Process and product oriented goals
* Why
* Planning, thinking
* How
* Observation
* …
* ..
* ..


Teacher Reflection Learner Reflection
————————— —————————


For Autonomous Learning

  • Starting with what they already know something about the target culture.
  • Achieving transparency in the choice of topics tone covered
  • Designing activities that will require personal response
  • Helping students to develop a comparative perspective on home culture and target culture.
  • Encouraging self-directed work through projects.

Learners as Decision Makers

  • The awareness of one’s present state of knowledge and skills.
  • The selection of objectives and goals to be pursued.
  • The self-directed choice of materials. The preferred methodology for learning.
  • The preferred modes of learning on one’s own.
  • The preffree means of assessment to see one’s own progress.

Structuring Reflection

  • What did you want to learn?
  • Did you sc


  • Promotes learner autonomy.
  • Helps the learner personalise his learning experience.
  • Encourages them to ry new learning strategies.
  • Challenges them to reflect on the process of learning.
  • Gives new direction to future work.

For Success Autonomous Learning needs to be..

  • Explicit
    • Know what you are studying for.
  • Systematic
  • Consistent
  • Reflective


AAA Curriculum

Any educational enterprise should include

  • Awareness
  • Autonomy
  • Authenticity

Learner Autonomy

Raising Awareness -> Changing Attitudes -> Transferring Roles


Process Writing

  • Emphasis on not only the end product but also the process.
  • You work together with the learners and there is continues peer support and there is writing, rewriting and again rewriting, that’s why it is a challenging thing but it is highly rewarding.
  • Generating Ideas<->Evaluating<->Drafting<->Structuring<->Focusing<->Reviewing<->Generating Ideas

Sequencing of Activities

  • Brainstorming, note-taking, asking questions
  • Free writing, selection of ideas, point of view Preliminary Draft
    * First revision
    * Organising content, structural organisation

Generating Ideas

  • Reading a text on the related topic
  • Doing research
  • Brain-storming
  • Individual listing ideas
  • Discussion
  • Answering guided questions of the teacher
  • Free association (clustering..,



  • İdentifying main and supportive ideas
  • Deciding how different ideas can be grouped together
  • Establishing logical links between groups of ideas
  • Deciding how to present these ideas in a sequence
  • Finding supportive points (additional knowledge)

Assessment of the Product

  • Content
    • Thesis statement, related ideas, delvopment of ideas through personal experience, illustration, facts, opinions, use of description, cause and effect, comparison, contrast
  • Organisation
    • Effectiveness of introduction, logical sequencing of ideas, conclusion, appropriate length
  • Discourse
    • Topic sentences, paragraph unity, transitions, discourse markers, cohesion, rhetorical conventions, reference-deictic words, fluency, economy, variation in the use of language patterns to avoid repetition and redundancy.
  • Language Use
    • Syntax+

Note: Teacher has to be correcting and responding.


Learning Styles

  • It has to do with the individual variables that is individual learners.

Learner Differences

  • Age
  • Motivation
  • Personality

Field Independent/Analytic

  • Enjoy individual work
  • Constantly compare what they have learnt
  • Good at abstraction
  • Analytical and they want to calibrate themselves
  • Left brain orientation
  • Long memory span

Field Dependent

  • Social learners
  • Rather initiative
  • Enjoy contextualised learning
  • Responsive and communicative