Censorship in Turkey

Hello Everyone!

Freedom is essential for humans and throughout the history it is possible to see some folks choosing death over being captured and even fighting back to their oppressors such as Finnish people who had fought for their freedom against USSR, Balkan countries who had fought against Ottoman Empire for their freedom and Turkey who once the conqueror of the world, had fought for its freedom when it was under attack.


Turkish folk had shown a tremendous dedication and counterattack when their country was under attack but what they did fight for? They had fought for their freedom, they had chosen death over being vassals of the powerful countries at that time but is the present Turkey sharing the same soul with its ancestors?


Throughout Turkey’s history, it is impossible to find absolute freedom for various reasons. When Turkey was newly founded a big deal of the country was under influence of Islam and this was a threatening presence for the founders because some people could have used people’s beliefs for succeeding the government. In order to prevent this, the government had taken some precautions such as forbidding traditional clothes, changing writing system and even some political parties were abolished.


After some time Turkey was divided into two groups, secular people and religious people. For a long time secular group was dominant in Turkey and religious groups were highly discriminated by the all means. They were shown as ignorant, shallow and uneducated people, their practices were seen as bigotry. After years of hostility and one-sided freedom people eventually got fed up and wanted a change in all of these which carried President Erdoğan to his current position. He was seen as a liberator by his voters and were loved for this side of his but things have changed.


Currently, AKP and Erdoğan has become the thing once they opposed, oppressors. With each election Erdoğan and his party got more and more powerful and they have started to apply censorship to keep opposing ideas away from people’s minds. For example, some famous social-media platforms were banned such as YouTube and Twitter. Not only social-media but also information gathering web-sites are got banned and getting banned such as WikiPedia. AKP is also known as its “conservatism” which resulted in ban of porn or anything that has porn in it such as PornHub, Imgur, RoketTube. But how did the folk react? Of course they tried to access such web-sites by using VPN but recently VPN got banned in Turkey which made Turkey’s internet totally imprisoned.


Not only Internet and press but also trading companies got hit by Erdoğan’s government. First PayPal got banned out of blue and they wanted to replicate it with EnPara which failed miserably and lately world-wide known transportation company UBER is under attack of government with demand of local taxi mafias.


Censorship in Turkey currently shows itself in every aspect of the daily life and affecting citizens’ lives drastically. The people who were thought to bring freedom Turkey has become oppressors themselves.

Thank you for reading and leaving your time,

Musa Kaan Durmuş