Hello Everyone!

After working weekdays, it was finally weekend and I could enjoy my free time with my dear. After being sure about meeting we had to decide upon what to do and where to go but we couldn’t decide anything, so we met up without any plans and had our meal at a Japanese restaurant. After the meal we searched what movies are up nowadays and a familiar name was on there, Mary Shelley.

We learned about about her in our literature class, not only her but also her husband Percy Shelley, their dear friend Lord Byron and Polidori. Knowing that they all had outstanding ideas and “infamous” personalities for their time we decided to see that movie.

As such movies aren’t popular in Turkey, we had to go to a specific cinema theater which usually shows this kind of movies. The place was quiet as usual and wasn’t crowded at all which is actually great for us but not for the theater. We paid 30 liras for the tickets which converts into 6 dollars with today’s currency.

After we got into the theater we saw only 2 advertisements and then the movie started right away which usually don’t happen in other theaters in Turkey. You usually pay more than 30 liras and watch almost 20 minutes of advertisements in cinema theaters.

As the movie started I confused with the dress of Mary, which seemed really modern to me that I actually thought that scene was from the present day but when I saw rest of her clothes, I understood that it was the old times. I was always interested in history and historical places have never failed to amaze me regardless of how many times I have seen them. So, when I saw the old England, its streets, its buildings, its people I was already amazed by the scenery.

I don’t want to go in detail but I would like to express my opinions over the movie and the Mary Shelley in general.

The Movie

  • The movie was always interesting to watch, it locked my eyes to the screen.
  • The narration of the story was fine in my opinion.
  • Scenery was great and it felt like I was in the old England .

Mary Shelley

  • An outstanding women for both her time and present.
  • An Intelligence forged by overwhelming emotions.
  • A true feminist

After watching the movie I immediately wanted to buy the book so I did and currently reading it and I would definitely recommend it. I rate it 8/10

Thank you reading and leaving your time!

Hello Everyone!

Since my childhood days to this very present and to the future, learning a new language has always been a passion of mine and Japanese is my favourite among all the languages. So, as a person who lives in İstanbul, Turkey it’s not easy to find a Japanese course considering there is only one in Istanbul which is Japon Kültür in Taksim. Before I attended that course, as a child I was looking for apps to learn Japanese on my device then I found Busuu. But, what is Busuu?


Busuu is an application and a web-site in which you can practice your target language in an easy way. But how is this possible and why Busuu?

  1. Busuu teaches you by using chunks which are easy to learn therefore boosts motivation of the beginners.2018-05-28 (3).png
  2. Busuu presents new words with images, a great assistance for people who have an ease on graphical-learning.2018-05-28 (2).png
  3. Busuu has voiced dialogues which are meant to support your target subjects on your course. Although they are not very authentic, they can be used for improving your listening skills.2018-05-28 (1).png
  4. Busuu has a social platform integrated in it which allows users to be friends with each other and communicate for their language learning goals.2018-05-28.png
  5. Busuu also allows you to correct other people’s mistakes and errors which eventually forms a friendly environment for everyone.2018-05-28 (4).png
  6. Busuu has short quizzes which are not really hard and if you complete them well, you will be rewarded with berries for positive feedback.2018-05-28 (5).png
  7. Busuu also tracks your progression. 2018-05-28 (6).png
  8. On mobile platforms you can download the courses and continue your studies anywhere and on desktop you could just download PDF files of the chapters and print them.2018-05-28 (7).png

I still remember my first teaching experience, I taught basic Japanese at my school with the help of Busuu 🙂

Thank you for leaving your time and reading!