Installing Modengine and Mods on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Linux + Windows)

Hello Everyone!

Just like in the previous titles, modding your game is no hard job in Sekiro but I found my self obligated to publish this guide as Linux users’ mods won’t work without a simple trick.

Sekiro Mod Engine

First of all you need to install Sekiro Mod Engine, which enables us to modify the game preferences and also use the mods that we want to see in the game.

Firstly, you need to register to in order to download latest versions of the mods and the Sekiro Mod Engine. After creation of account, simply download it from this link

Download Page

After downloading Sekiro Mod Engine, you need to extract the file to your Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice installation folder and then make a directory/folder as “mods” on your installation directory.

Congrats! Now you installed Sekiro Mod Engine but it doesn’t end here of course. If you are on Linux you will realize that Sekiro Mod Engine is not working. Next step will be exclusive to Linux users.

Set Launch Options (Linux)

If you are playing the game on Linux and want to use mods, you need to go in your steam library and then right-click on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and select Properties. On the properties window select Set Launch Options and type

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8.dll=n,b" %command%

After typing just click on OK and launch your game. If you see no Logos of From Software and Activision, you are good to go.

Downloading and Installing Mods

You can download the latest mods from After downloading the mods you wanted, you simply extract and drag them onto your previously created “mods” directory/folder by regarding their specific installation instructions.

After all these steps, your mods should work flawlessly on both operating systems 🙂