Pink Guy – Help | My Thoughts

Hello Everyone!

For a long time I wanted to talk about this specific song of Pink Guy due to its contradictory theme, depth of its lyrics and its success on conveying what it wants to convey.

First of all I want you to listen to the song with an open-mind because Pink Guy can be very morbid and offensive at times, but he does this in a purpose and I want you to understand this and continue regarding his style.

Okay, now let’s start talking about the lyrics and what I understand from them.

My Thoughts – Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I wake up in the mornings
Sinking halfway to the bottom
There's a loud distorted screaming in my soul
Everything is dark and empty
And I don't know how to fix it
So I curl up in a ball
And cry in the comfort of my home

Here Pink Guy conveys that he is in a heavy depression and every morning is an agony for him but instead of taking an action, he prefers to stay in his safe-zone as he is used to that safe-zone, he feels comfortable there although that zone is one of the factors which keeps him in that deep depression.


I don't know why
I feel like shit
I say I'm fine but I'm not fine

Pink Guy ignores the reality and his emotions and expresses himself as the opposite to the others.


I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings
I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings

Pink Guy is losing his will to live, his vision is blurred with sorrow of his depression, yet he will not share what he perceives as reality with others, locking himself in a box filled with negativity.

[Verse 2]

I think there's something wrong with me
'Cause all I see is death
Every time I go outside
I look like I've been doing meth
And I sleep for nineteen hours
On a Thursday afternoon
And every now and then I cough up blood
And I don't know what to do

While ignoring the reality, Pink Guys knows something is wrong with himself. He is in a deep depression that he can’t ever see the positive things in life at this point. He doesn’t care about his self-care, he doesn’t clean himself, he doesn’t sleep regularly, his medical condition is worsening but he insists on staying ignorant to himself.

[Pre-Chorus 2]

I don't know why
I feel like shit
I will not see a therapist

Pink Guy persists on staying ignorant to himself and denies a wind of change by locking himself away from others and their help.

[Spoken Bridge]

Ladies and gentlemen, if you wanna fucking kill yourself put your 
fucking hands up (yeah!), raise your blades in the air everybody
Ay, oh, ay, oh, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, help, help, help, help, help, help,

Pink Guy couldn’t endure anymore and wants to kill himself, he is worse now but within his last breaths he cries out for help.


I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings
I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings

Nothing has changed for Pink Guy after all, he has chosen to stay in this vicious cycle between life and death, having no power or even will to change the situation.

What I Understand from This Song

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a state that is similar to Pink Guy’s state. Sometimes we feel sad, demoralized, exhausted, desperate and we feel like we can’t get out of that state.

When we are in that vicious state, instead of trying to change things, we prefer performing our habits as they distract us from the harsh reality, so that we won’t feel pain for a brief period of time. This situation reminds me Waiting for Godot, because it is exactly the same story.

We do what we are used to, we stay in our safe-zones, we stay in our homes, we don’t clean ourselves, we act like we don’t care while feeling the agony deep inside, yet we do not take an action for a wind of change.

When I listened to Help, I found myself in the song and in my memories and remembered once again that hard times won’t pass until I take an action for a wind of change.

Thank you for reading,

Thank You GNU/Linux, I love you

Hello Everyone,

After 2 years of GNU/Linux adventure, I would like to tell how I got into this amazing community.

It was a cold night and I was on my Windows PC, browsing stuff on the internet talking with my friends over Steam and then while browsing Steam I stumbled upon an advertisement. Steam was promoting Ubuntu on its web-page and I was interested in it, so I took a look and then asked myself “I used to call myself a computer geek but I don’t even know what Ubuntu is, I should give it a try”, after persuading myself I downloaded my first GNU/Linux ISO and then made myself a bootable-usb stick with Rufus. After booting it from my flash drive I was amazed by how Ubuntu looked back in the day and started installing it.

At that time I wasn’t aware of the fact that this installation was going to delete all my files but it did and I learned this after the installation finished. Honestly I didn’t care, I was just so curious about GNU/Linux and was wondering how to learn it. To my surprise when I launched Firefox I got an AD telling me that I can learn GNU/Linux on Udemy and what a coincidence everything was on sale, I hurried up and bought myself a pack of GNU/Linux courses there.

At first it was hard to adapt but later on I really started to get used to my new Ubuntu installation. I was in love with it, yet I was a stranger to it as I was postponing my courses. For a time, it went like this but then our teacher assigned us to finish an online course for our performance evaluation, so I finished one of the courses there and signed up for a real course on Istanbul Technical University. There and on the web I learned how to use my system properly, I got acquired the basic skills such as using commands on Terminal and also learned the philosophy behind GNU/Linux and devoted myself to spread it among the people I know personally and the people I don’t know over the internet.

Last year (2017-2018) I installed came up with an idea of installing GNU/Linux in my university and gave a project but unfortunately it was rejected but then fortunately a windows machine broke down and I rescued the class by booting Ubuntu from my flash-drive which made me take support of the teachers and then my project got accepted. I installed Ubuntu to all of the computers that belong to our faculty and today GNU/Linux based OS’ are running on our computers.

Today, I continue my GNU/Linux adventure and seeking to improve myself in every way possible. I got invitation from Istanbul Technical University’s GNU/Linux Club and taking 3 different courses there. I am also trying to implement GNU/Linux to my Aviation Company.

I am very happy that, that night I stumbled upon Ubuntu and continued with it. Seeing it grow each and everyday is a great feeling for me. Congratulations on your new update Ubuntu!

Censorship in Turkey

Hello Everyone!

Freedom is essential for humans and throughout the history it is possible to see some folks choosing death over being captured and even fighting back to their oppressors such as Finnish people who had fought for their freedom against USSR, Balkan countries who had fought against Ottoman Empire for their freedom and Turkey who once the conqueror of the world, had fought for its freedom when it was under attack.


Turkish folk had shown a tremendous dedication and counterattack when their country was under attack but what they did fight for? They had fought for their freedom, they had chosen death over being vassals of the powerful countries at that time but is the present Turkey sharing the same soul with its ancestors?


Throughout Turkey’s history, it is impossible to find absolute freedom for various reasons. When Turkey was newly founded a big deal of the country was under influence of Islam and this was a threatening presence for the founders because some people could have used people’s beliefs for succeeding the government. In order to prevent this, the government had taken some precautions such as forbidding traditional clothes, changing writing system and even some political parties were abolished.


After some time Turkey was divided into two groups, secular people and religious people. For a long time secular group was dominant in Turkey and religious groups were highly discriminated by the all means. They were shown as ignorant, shallow and uneducated people, their practices were seen as bigotry. After years of hostility and one-sided freedom people eventually got fed up and wanted a change in all of these which carried President Erdoğan to his current position. He was seen as a liberator by his voters and were loved for this side of his but things have changed.


Currently, AKP and Erdoğan has become the thing once they opposed, oppressors. With each election Erdoğan and his party got more and more powerful and they have started to apply censorship to keep opposing ideas away from people’s minds. For example, some famous social-media platforms were banned such as YouTube and Twitter. Not only social-media but also information gathering web-sites are got banned and getting banned such as WikiPedia. AKP is also known as its “conservatism” which resulted in ban of porn or anything that has porn in it such as PornHub, Imgur, RoketTube. But how did the folk react? Of course they tried to access such web-sites by using VPN but recently VPN got banned in Turkey which made Turkey’s internet totally imprisoned.


Not only Internet and press but also trading companies got hit by Erdoğan’s government. First PayPal got banned out of blue and they wanted to replicate it with EnPara which failed miserably and lately world-wide known transportation company UBER is under attack of government with demand of local taxi mafias.


Censorship in Turkey currently shows itself in every aspect of the daily life and affecting citizens’ lives drastically. The people who were thought to bring freedom Turkey has become oppressors themselves.

Thank you for reading and leaving your time,

Musa Kaan Durmuş

Sex Education for Turks, Thank you Sweden

Hello Everyone!

Recently RFSU (The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) has published video series about sex education in various languages including Turkish and Kurdish for their citizens. The videos include information about both female and male bodies, hymen and virginity, birth control and other related subjects. Before, giving more information, let’s see what RFSU is,


RFSU is a Swedish non-profit organization that was founded February 24, 1933. It works with public opinion formation on sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as information and education about sexuality and relationships. They work with information, education and advocacy by organizing courses, conferences and debates.


Now that we know what RFSU is and their purpose, we could talk about the videos they’ve published. As Sweden has become a multi-cultural country which consists many ethnicities they have decided to dub their sex education to various languages such Turkish and Kurdish. After the dubbed videos got released, not only its citizen has shown interest in them but also Turks living in Turkey also has shown interest but why?


Although Turkey being first country to give right of voting to women, it is one of the most misogynistic countries due to policies of the current government. Currently, in Turkey domestic violence and violence towards women in general is high which leads to deaths of many women. Not only violence but also wrong assumptions towards sex and women are dangerously at high level.

For example, many people in Turkey accepts sex as a taboo and believes that it mustn’t be done before marriage. Therefore, virginity is considered to be a significant trait for a woman but unfortunately people believe that hymen is related to virginity. As a result, even the women who follow this ideology could get blamed on many things from cheating to adultery.

As the act of sex is seen as a taboo, many people do not prefer to talk about it and educate one another. Especially for women, it’s considered very rude to talk about sex or even talk about their period. This very issue leads to mutual ignorance and forms a vicious circle.

http _i.huffpost.com_gen_2040430_images_n-SEX-EDUCATION-628x314.jpg

Yet, still government sees sex education inappropriate and such subjects as intimate subjects.

Luckily Sweden has taken action for its Turkish citizens and dubbed their sex education videos. I hope this to be an example for Turkey and its citizens and improve their knowledge with such videos.

Here are the dubbed videos,

Thank you for leaving your time and reading my post!

What is VR and Why We Should Use it in Education

Hello Everyone!

As the technology proggresses the sci-fi slowly becomes our new reality and Virtual Reality is now a part of our new reality. But what is Virtual Reality?


Virtual reality is, a computer-generated scenario that simulates experience through senses and perception but what does that mean? It means that, after putting the VR headset on, you get teleported into a virtual world in which your head and hand movements will be analyzed and transferred into the VR World with help of the headset and josctick-like devices.psvr-accessories-psvr-move-two-column-01-eu-14oct16.png

My personal VR experience has mostly been on gaming industry. I have played many games with Playstation VR and honestly in all of them I felt amazing, it really is an amazing experience.DSC_0391.JPG

Now the important question is how can we implement this technology into education, especially language education in my case.

First of all, Virtual Reality forms an artificial bubble in which a human can be anywhere and be anyone in the world. As language teachers this is an amazing opportunity to use this tool for giving our students authentic inputs which are crucial in their language learning process but how can we use VR as an authentic input machine?

  1. VR Headset deceives the brain and makes you feel like you’re in the virtual world.
  2. VR Headset comes with headphones and a mic implemented in it which allows us to speak and listen through it.
  3. There are many games are that are developed and being developed for such headsets.

Practicing takes a huge role in language learning and communicating with people is one of the best ways doing it. For a Turkish person finding a person to talk with may be hard in Turkey but not in the virtual world. He/she can play VR Chat and talk with people in there, he/she can walk around virtual cities and complete everyday tasks there, he/she can be abroad without being abroad…

Thank you for leaving your time and reading!