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Since my childhood days to this very present and to the future, learning a new language has always been a passion of mine and Japanese is my favourite among all the languages. So, as a person who lives in İstanbul, Turkey it’s not easy to find a Japanese course considering there is only one in Istanbul which is Japon Kültür in Taksim. Before I attended that course, as a child I was looking for apps to learn Japanese on my device then I found Busuu. But, what is Busuu?


Busuu is an application and a web-site in which you can practice your target language in an easy way. But how is this possible and why Busuu?

  1. Busuu teaches you by using chunks which are easy to learn therefore boosts motivation of the beginners.2018-05-28 (3).png
  2. Busuu presents new words with images, a great assistance for people who have an ease on graphical-learning.2018-05-28 (2).png
  3. Busuu has voiced dialogues which are meant to support your target subjects on your course. Although they are not very authentic, they can be used for improving your listening skills.2018-05-28 (1).png
  4. Busuu has a social platform integrated in it which allows users to be friends with each other and communicate for their language learning goals.2018-05-28.png
  5. Busuu also allows you to correct other people’s mistakes and errors which eventually forms a friendly environment for everyone.2018-05-28 (4).png
  6. Busuu has short quizzes which are not really hard and if you complete them well, you will be rewarded with berries for positive feedback.2018-05-28 (5).png
  7. Busuu also tracks your progression. 2018-05-28 (6).png
  8. On mobile platforms you can download the courses and continue your studies anywhere and on desktop you could just download PDF files of the chapters and print them.2018-05-28 (7).png

I still remember my first teaching experience, I taught basic Japanese at my school with the help of Busuu 🙂

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Hello Everyone!

Recently I’ve discovered an application called Aurasma as known as HP Reveal. This application provides us tools of augmented reality to insert images or videos beneath of other images.

Now that sounds very good, isn’t it? Features of this application can be used in various aspects of life, especially in education. If you ask why, here are my reasons,

  1. HP Reveal is a free application, everyone can use it.
  2. HP Reveal lets you see the hidden images-videos of only the people that you are following. This prevents unwanted accidents such as finding a dick-pic beneath a cute picture.
  3. As its concept, HP Reveal lets you hide images-videos beneath images. This can be used as an image hunt or a way of learning new words while learning a language.

Now, good things aside, this application is currently nothing but garbage. After HP has taken over this application, it seems like it’s completely abandoned. The application is unstable, the web-site is broken and you may encounter many “privilege” errors while uploading images-videos.

But to give it a try I have made my post there but in order to see my post you have to follow me on the platform. My username is mkd47. After following my channel on the application, scan the image below 🙂


HP Reveal Logo.jpg

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Hello Everyone!

Again during our Material Design class, our teacher has introduced us another great web-site which allows us to make a map of our thoughts!

It may sound as a simple thing, because it is a simple thing but what it provides us is reducing complexity of our thoughts and and transferring them into a sheet of paper in which we can see them in order. Like this,


Although it is a great service and a decent material designing tool for everyone, it is simply not worth the money it wants. Yes, in order to export your maps into usable formats such as jpg, png and even pdf. If you want to export your maps into such formats, you gotta pay them minimum at least 5 dollars each month!


But do not worry about it! Because I got you there 🙂 Here, I will explain how to export your mind-maps as jpg and png files.

  1. Make Your Mind-Map
  2. Press on Windows Key on your keyboard and then type “Snipping Tool”2018-05-27 (2).png
  3. Open Snipping Tool and then press on “New”2018-05-27 (3).png
  4. Crop the screen however you want2018-05-27 (4).png
  5. Save the cropped image 2018-05-27 (5).png
  6. Enjoy.

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Hello Everyone!

Months ago our Material Design teacher at university introduced us Second Life, a virtual world in which you can be anyone and be in any place you woud like.

Once you complete your registiration you’re asked to choose your avatar which can be changed later on in game. After downloading the game, you will be spawned in a tutorial zone in which the game will teach you basics of the mechanics. Completing the tutorial is up to you, you can just skip to the game itself and teleport to wherever you would like to. In our case, it will be Istanbul University.


Thanks to Tuncer Can and his colleagues, we can visit our university even in the virtual world and even engage in activities and and virtual classes there. But, how is this going to contribute to education? There are a few things that I’ve came up with in this matter.

  1. Second Life is accessible anywhere in the world (except North Korea) which allows students to participate in classes anyhwere in the world.
  2. Second Life is free and optional purchases don’t affect the gameplay which forms an equal enviroment for all the players in it.
  3. Second Life’s customization system allows you to make your own avatar, which in return gives the player confidence and reduces social anxiety drastically.
  4. Second Life’s authentic environment could be a great place to practice English and improvise your various communication skills.

Of course, after being introduced to Second Life, we were supposed to participate in it and take a selfie in the game with our character. So, here it is Snapshot_002.png

And here is videogamedunkey’s Second Life Experience,

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Hello Everyone!

After a long week, I really wanted rest all the day but it appeared that I had to escort my little brother to his training ^^

He’s a dedicated basketball player, playing at Darussafaka Ayhan Sahenk Gym and to my surprise, it’s really a good place 🙄 Although the outside of the gym is not that good, the inside is vice versa.

As I was hungry I first looked for a canteen and asked my brother if it’s expensive or not 😂 Well, again to my surprise it wasn’t that expensive, I mean 7 liras for an Ayvalık Toast is a bit too much but still, it’s something 😂

After walking long corridors, seeing many sportsmen and sportswomen, as a computer geek, I’ll not lie but I envied a bit 🙄 Anyway, after those long corridors finally we’ve arrived to the court which is also quite well 😁

After watching kids playing it for 2 hours finally it was time to go home which is what I wanted most at that moment but not going to lie it was a pleasant morning for me 😁

Note: The green team has won the game 😁

Hello Everyone,

Today was a special day for both me and ELT at Istanbul University as Mr. David Fay from Regional English Language Office of US Embassy paid us a visit to presentate us “Critical Media Literacy in the Digital Age.”

The presentation took place in Sayyad Hassan Pasha Madrassa which is one of the historical buildings in the area. The structure was so beautiful  that it transformed boredom of idleness into pleasure of observation.


When I heard that the presentation is going to be about Critical Media Literacy I immediately assumed that the examples will be mostly about “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” and I was right to think that as many examples were about it. However it wasn’t a basic presentation, in fact it was really a good presentation with both funny and authentic examples.DSC_0138.JPG

At the end of the presentation I was really satisfied with it and also it was an honour for me to meet such a valuable person.