Lazy(🙄) Saturday

Hello Everyone!

After a long week, I really wanted rest all the day but it appeared that I had to escort my little brother to his training ^^

He’s a dedicated basketball player, playing at Darussafaka Ayhan Sahenk Gym and to my surprise, it’s really a good place 🙄 Although the outside of the gym is not that good, the inside is vice versa.

As I was hungry I first looked for a canteen and asked my brother if it’s expensive or not 😂 Well, again to my surprise it wasn’t that expensive, I mean 7 liras for an Ayvalık Toast is a bit too much but still, it’s something 😂

After walking long corridors, seeing many sportsmen and sportswomen, as a computer geek, I’ll not lie but I envied a bit 🙄 Anyway, after those long corridors finally we’ve arrived to the court which is also quite well 😁

After watching kids playing it for 2 hours finally it was time to go home which is what I wanted most at that moment but not going to lie it was a pleasant morning for me 😁

Note: The green team has won the game 😁

Critical Media Literacy in the Digital Age

Hello Everyone,

Today was a special day for both me and ELT at Istanbul University as Mr. David Fay from Regional English Language Office of US Embassy paid us a visit to presentate us “Critical Media Literacy in the Digital Age.”

The presentation took place in Sayyad Hassan Pasha Madrassa which is one of the historical buildings in the area. The structure was so beautiful  that it transformed boredom of idleness into pleasure of observation.


When I heard that the presentation is going to be about Critical Media Literacy I immediately assumed that the examples will be mostly about “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” and I was right to think that as many examples were about it. However it wasn’t a basic presentation, in fact it was really a good presentation with both funny and authentic examples.DSC_0138.JPG

At the end of the presentation I was really satisfied with it and also it was an honour for me to meet such a valuable person.