Türkiye’de Bir Numara

Herkese Merhabalar,

Suriye’deki iç savaştan beri ülkemize ciddi oranda Suriyeli sığınmacılar yerleşti ve halkımızın hoşgörüsü ve acımasıyla bu topraklarda kendi topraklarında yaşadıklarından daha iyi durumda yaşamlarını sürdürdüler ve sürdürüyorlar.

Yaşamlarını bu derece iyi sürdürmelerinin sebeplerinden birisi de devletimizin onlara birinci sınıf vatandaş muamelesi yapıp, kendi vatandaşını ikinci plana atmasıdır. Çalışan ve üreten Türk halkının devletimize ödediği vergilerin bu insanların geçinmesinde, ev sahibi olmasında, çocuk yetiştirmesinde büyük payı var.

İç savaştan sonra buraya böyle yerleşen Suriyeli göçmenler elbette ki bizim ülkemize ayak uydurup kendi kültürlerini kimsenin gözüne sokmadan yaşıyorlar ve ülkemizin rengine renk katıyorlar. Mesela beni bugün çok şaşırtan ve hayatıma yeni bir renk katan bir şey paylaşmak istiyorum sizlerle.

Biliyorsunuz ki YouTube’un Trending diye adlandırılan bir sekmesi var. Bu sekmede bulunan ülkede popüler olan şeyler gösterilir ve böylece zaten viral olan paylaşımların daha viral olması sağlanır. Türkiye’mizde de önemli ölçüde Suriyeli nüfus olduğundan ötürü artık Türkiye’nin Trending sekmesinde de Arapça yazılarla donatılmış, Arapça konuşulan paylaşımlar bulabilirsiniz.

İşte sizinle bu hayatıma kültürel çeşitliliğin kattığı renklerden biri olan bu paylaşımı paylaşmak istiyorum,

Ekran görüntüsünde de gördüğünüz gibi Türkiye’nin Trending sekmesinde bir numarada yer alan paylaşım Arapça olan, Arapça yazılan ve terör, şiddet teşviki yapan bu paylaşımdır. Bu paylaşımın hayatıma kattığı renkleri bir bilseniz, nasıl hissettiğimi bir bilseniz… Bazen diyorum ne iyi yapmışız bu Suriyeli kardeşlerimizi milyonlarla alarak, bizlere nasıl renkler kattılar kendileri.


2019 Local Elections and Unjust Practices of AKP

Hello Everyone,

31th of March was a crucial day for the Turkish people as the local elections took place in but this was no ordinary local election in various ways. It was an election of unjust practices and slap to the oppressive government of Turkey.

Unjust Practices


First of all, most of the media organizations were controlled by the government and before the elections they constantly advertised and gave screen time to the pro-government candidates. It is especially sad to see such media organizations like TRT which is the first broadcasting organization of Turkey and CNN Turk which was supposed to promote liberalism fall into the government’s hands. The state of media organizations could be seen below,

But media doesn’t end here, in Istanbul people use public transportation heavily and of course the public transportation is maintained by IBB which is Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Before the elections AKP was in the lead of IBB and they constantly streamed pro-government propaganda on their advertisement screens without mentioning any other parties.

Finally, social media is also considered media and it is heavily used in Turkey. With the huge amount of money, the government put on pro-government advertisements on YouTube as well as smear campaign against the opposition candidates on the same platform. It is shocking that YouTube allowed such alt-right and smear campaigns on their platform but I guess money talks?

Smear Campaign

Before the elections every government organization including the president should have been neutral but that wasn’t the case here. As I mentioned above, there were a lot of smear campaigns on social media and one-sided propaganda for pro-government candidates on the media outlets.

Unfortunately, the president was no way near to being neutral, he made rallies on behalf of the other candidates and even divided his folk into two by calling the opposition as the Zillet İttifakı which means Alliance of Humiliation. He called the opposition and their voters explicitly on his social media account as can be seen below,


The government and its supporters lost major cities in this election but they are in denial and accusing the opposition of cheating the elections. It is ironic that after all these years of unjust practices, they are accusing a weak opposition of accomplishing such a hard task.


Pink Guy – Help | My Thoughts

Hello Everyone!

For a long time I wanted to talk about this specific song of Pink Guy due to its contradictory theme, depth of its lyrics and its success on conveying what it wants to convey.

First of all I want you to listen to the song with an open-mind because Pink Guy can be very morbid and offensive at times, but he does this in a purpose and I want you to understand this and continue regarding his style.

Okay, now let’s start talking about the lyrics and what I understand from them.

My Thoughts – Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I wake up in the mornings
Sinking halfway to the bottom
There's a loud distorted screaming in my soul
Everything is dark and empty
And I don't know how to fix it
So I curl up in a ball
And cry in the comfort of my home

Here Pink Guy conveys that he is in a heavy depression and every morning is an agony for him but instead of taking an action, he prefers to stay in his safe-zone as he is used to that safe-zone, he feels comfortable there although that zone is one of the factors which keeps him in that deep depression.


I don't know why
I feel like shit
I say I'm fine but I'm not fine

Pink Guy ignores the reality and his emotions and expresses himself as the opposite to the others.


I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings
I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings

Pink Guy is losing his will to live, his vision is blurred with sorrow of his depression, yet he will not share what he perceives as reality with others, locking himself in a box filled with negativity.

[Verse 2]

I think there's something wrong with me
'Cause all I see is death
Every time I go outside
I look like I've been doing meth
And I sleep for nineteen hours
On a Thursday afternoon
And every now and then I cough up blood
And I don't know what to do

While ignoring the reality, Pink Guys knows something is wrong with himself. He is in a deep depression that he can’t ever see the positive things in life at this point. He doesn’t care about his self-care, he doesn’t clean himself, he doesn’t sleep regularly, his medical condition is worsening but he insists on staying ignorant to himself.

[Pre-Chorus 2]

I don't know why
I feel like shit
I will not see a therapist

Pink Guy persists on staying ignorant to himself and denies a wind of change by locking himself away from others and their help.

[Spoken Bridge]

Ladies and gentlemen, if you wanna fucking kill yourself put your 
fucking hands up (yeah!), raise your blades in the air everybody
Ay, oh, ay, oh, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, help, help, help, help, help, help,

Pink Guy couldn’t endure anymore and wants to kill himself, he is worse now but within his last breaths he cries out for help.


I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings
I'm dying inside
And all I see are demons
I try to hide
All my deepest feelings

Nothing has changed for Pink Guy after all, he has chosen to stay in this vicious cycle between life and death, having no power or even will to change the situation.

What I Understand from This Song

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a state that is similar to Pink Guy’s state. Sometimes we feel sad, demoralized, exhausted, desperate and we feel like we can’t get out of that state.

When we are in that vicious state, instead of trying to change things, we prefer performing our habits as they distract us from the harsh reality, so that we won’t feel pain for a brief period of time. This situation reminds me Waiting for Godot, because it is exactly the same story.

We do what we are used to, we stay in our safe-zones, we stay in our homes, we don’t clean ourselves, we act like we don’t care while feeling the agony deep inside, yet we do not take an action for a wind of change.

When I listened to Help, I found myself in the song and in my memories and remembered once again that hard times won’t pass until I take an action for a wind of change.

Thank you for reading,

Thank You GNU/Linux, I love you

Hello Everyone,

After 2 years of GNU/Linux adventure, I would like to tell how I got into this amazing community.

It was a cold night and I was on my Windows PC, browsing stuff on the internet talking with my friends over Steam and then while browsing Steam I stumbled upon an advertisement. Steam was promoting Ubuntu on its web-page and I was interested in it, so I took a look and then asked myself “I used to call myself a computer geek but I don’t even know what Ubuntu is, I should give it a try”, after persuading myself I downloaded my first GNU/Linux ISO and then made myself a bootable-usb stick with Rufus. After booting it from my flash drive I was amazed by how Ubuntu looked back in the day and started installing it.

At that time I wasn’t aware of the fact that this installation was going to delete all my files but it did and I learned this after the installation finished. Honestly I didn’t care, I was just so curious about GNU/Linux and was wondering how to learn it. To my surprise when I launched Firefox I got an AD telling me that I can learn GNU/Linux on Udemy and what a coincidence everything was on sale, I hurried up and bought myself a pack of GNU/Linux courses there.

At first it was hard to adapt but later on I really started to get used to my new Ubuntu installation. I was in love with it, yet I was a stranger to it as I was postponing my courses. For a time, it went like this but then our teacher assigned us to finish an online course for our performance evaluation, so I finished one of the courses there and signed up for a real course on Istanbul Technical University. There and on the web I learned how to use my system properly, I got acquired the basic skills such as using commands on Terminal and also learned the philosophy behind GNU/Linux and devoted myself to spread it among the people I know personally and the people I don’t know over the internet.

Last year (2017-2018) I installed came up with an idea of installing GNU/Linux in my university and gave a project but unfortunately it was rejected but then fortunately a windows machine broke down and I rescued the class by booting Ubuntu from my flash-drive which made me take support of the teachers and then my project got accepted. I installed Ubuntu to all of the computers that belong to our faculty and today GNU/Linux based OS’ are running on our computers.

Today, I continue my GNU/Linux adventure and seeking to improve myself in every way possible. I got invitation from Istanbul Technical University’s GNU/Linux Club and taking 3 different courses there. I am also trying to implement GNU/Linux to my Aviation Company.

I am very happy that, that night I stumbled upon Ubuntu and continued with it. Seeing it grow each and everyday is a great feeling for me. Congratulations on your new update Ubuntu!

Life is Better at The Beach, Magi Beach. First Day of My Vacation in Bodrum

Hello Everyone!

After my arrival to Bodrum last night I’ve slept very well and prepared for today. In the morning we had a really nice Turkish breakfast which consisted of olives, tomatoes, various kinds of cheeses, breads and black tea. After having our breakfast we have decided to go to Magi Beach which is a paid-beach in Bodrum. We got in our car and got on our way

It took us around 13 minutes to arrive there and then we were welcomed with Magi Beach’s entrance. It has a small entrance and in order to get in you have to get an entrance card which costs a “bit” but after stepping in there you feel the change in the air.

Magi Beach consists of a restaurant, a bar, sports area, sea (of course), sea sports area and a gift shop. The gift shop is the first place that you are going to see when you get in there. It has various kinds of stuff to buy but there is nothing special in theree

After passing the gift shop you’ll see the main dock accompanied by this amazing sea view if you don’t mind the construction on that island of course 🤣

After placing our stuff I decided to swim for a while. The sea felt really refreshing and its temperature was just right 😌

After swimming for a while with my family I wanted them take a video of mine 😁 Here you can see how beautiful the sea is and how windy it was 😂

Swimming got me tired so I decided to have a lunch in the beach’s restaurant. Waiters immediately advised me to get Coketme Kebabi which had potatoes, yogurt, meat and garlic in it. It was really delicious and made me so full 🙄

After having my lunch, I decided to have some sweets and I got myself a milkshake with frozen berries in it. It was so delicious and made me wanna drink even more 😍

Staying enough at the beach, we wanted to go to Bodrum Marine which is a mall-like place. It has variety of shops and restaurants. We decided having our dinner at Günaydın which is a famous meat restaurant there.

I had lokum steaks which were really soft and tasty 🙄 It was a pleasure to chew them in my mouth, every moment of it was pleasurable 😜

It’s a tradition to take memorial pictures in Bodrum, it’s known as “Bodrum Hatırası”, so traditions 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

We came across a Spanish concert when we were wandering around at Marina. After listening to it for a while, we continued wandering around 🙄

Before we returned our summer house, we wanted to have some ice-cream. This ice-cream shop is one of the best among the others! It has various flavours to make your mouth celebrate the sweet melting taste in it 😋

I chose gum, blackberry, Bodrum mandarin and pistachio flavours. To be honest I was really satisfied with them and looking forward to eat them again 😁

Thank you for reading and leaving your time!

Bye Bye Istanbul, Bye Bye Stress, Hello Bodrum and Happiness

Hello Everyone!

2017-2018 has been a busy timeline in my life, it’s filled with university, certificate programmes, teaching experiences, dramas and stress. On last Friday I thought about going on a vacation and finally I’ve decided going to Bodrum for that. I packed my stuff, called my father and immediately left home on Sunday 😁

On my way to Atatürk Airport I had to use underground railways and to my surprise they were crowded than usual due to Erdogan’s rally which made first part of my journey a bit bad.

After my arrival I had to walk this never-ending like alley and then entered domestic flights terminal then everything went smoothly. Before the boarding I got hungry and had a dinner at Burger King which wasn’t really delicious but filled my tummy at least 🙄

After boarding the plane I was mesmerised with the scenery of the airport. Seeing everything working in an order and lights of the buildings in the evening were just awesome to see 😍

While we were waiting for our turn to take off, Turkish Airlines’ crew celebrated Eid and gave chocolates to the passengers. To be honest it was a really delicious one 😋

After 30 minutes waiting for our turn, finally our plane took off and I experienced that sweet excitement of taking off just like the first time 😁

After taking off, my eyes were mesmerised with the view of Istanbul. A shiny, crowded and a beautiful city was slowly fading away and we were slowly getting into the darkness of the night’s sea.

During the flight we were given a sandwich which consisted of tomatoes, cheese and olives and several kinds of beverages. The sandwich was really delicious and its bread was amazingly soft! If you ever fly with THY, you gotta try it 😁

After 85 minutes of flight, we finally arrived to Bodrum and slowly started to descend for landing. Seeing Milas-Bodrum Airport on the sight made me happy and excited for my vacation and then we landed 😁

After landing I had to use the airport’s shuttle to reach my destination which is Gundogan. To be honest, the shuttles were really well organised and comfortable, I’m very satisfied with them 😁

And now I’m here, in my house ☺ Hopefully it’s going to be a great vacation for me 😁

Thank you for reading and leaving your time!