Hello Everyone,

We all know that with the development of technology we have to adapt ourselves to it. But we also know that not everyone has that much time to be in such things and here the role of assistance comes in.

As MKD Assistance I provide;

  • Video Uploading
  • Podcast Uploading
  • Making, Editing WordPress Blogs for You
  • Vidcast recording
  • Tech Question & Answer

As I do such things, I’ll require some amount of money as well but it will be not high at all.  Here’s the price list

  • Video Uploading ( 5 TL )
  • Podcast Uploading ( 1 TL )
  • Making, Editing WordPress Blogs for You ( 15 TL )
  • Vidcast Recording ( 25 TL ) (Includes Uploading)
  • Technical Question & Answer ( Free on Here )


Cash and Wire Transfers are accepted.

Contact Information

+90 543 767 12 77

Please ask your questions here. So, that other people can see and benefit from them 🙂

My solely purpose of developing this web-site is lending a help to everyone who wants to pass their classes easily while still learning necessary information.

Most of the pages are optimized to be printed out in A4 format and done language proofing.

As I mentioned before, all the materials uploaded here are free to use, change and share. However, if you want to support me in my studies you can donate me here.