Silence Awaits

It has past midnight, the clock is ticking, time is passing. Lying down in my bed my heart beats as if I’m running. It is one of those nights, isn’t it? Those nights where you are in complete darkness and only accompanied by the wind blowing through the window, the eerie sound accompanies you in this slow and dark night.

What comes to your mind when you look around? When you look at the total darkness that is surrounding you. Are you calm or are you nervous? Can you dare to look at it or are you able to look at it?

It is one of those nights, when every sound counts, when your mind plays with you, when a single light is darker than the darkness.

Can you feel it? That you are being watched by the unknown. Can you explain it? That you’re scared of light more than dark in this night.

Close your eyes now and let the darkness embrace you. Ignore all the sounds around you, listen to the silence and sleep.

But, we already know, it is one of those nights that is going to keep you awake.