Özel Öğretim Yöntemleri

TBLT follows task-cycle, in the task cycle there is preliminary introduction from the teacher that may be introduction of the task or the topic, there are mini-introduction required for the task.

Learners usually engage in pair or group work. First of all students plan how to make the task, then they work on task and finally then they report their conclusion. When this stage is over the stage of language focus comes which is solely focused on practicing lacking language skills.

Meaningful purpose exists in the tasks in which we replicate the real life events.
A reasonable input to act upon. It means that the kinds of input into task-cycle such as instructions.
Language outcome
Optimal level of difficulty, it shouldn’t be more difficult than cognitive development of the learner.

Material Selection Criteria (1st Phase)

  1. Exploitability: Make sure you choose such material but it really gives you chance to different types of tasks by the same topic and same material.
  2. Topic (Variety): Topic has to be a motivated one but at the same time related to real life concerns and make you sure that you include variety to topic selections.
  3. Length: It’s always good to choose a material that can be handled in chunks. If it’s not designed that way that may harm their feel of accomplishment, by completing series of chunks they will feel accomplished.
  4. Linguistic Complexity: If you focus on teaching on new vocabulary, it should be toned down. If it’s optimum it will give students to take a chance and respond.
  5. Accessibility: Can they really respond or would they really know about the given topic. It is mostly about content knowledge and familiarity.
  6. Copyright
  7. Motivation

Tasks (2nd Phase)

  1. Purpose
  2. Input
  3. Outcome
  4. Optimum Level of Difficulty

Task Difficulty (3rd Phase)

  • ———


Level of the leaners: B1
Class Population: 20


  • First of all the teacher greats the students and asks them how are they vaguely. After that the teacher tells his students that he has brought some brochures and asks them to divide in groups of four lastly distributes brochures to the students.
  • After the distributions phase, the teacher asks the students to guess what are these brochures, what could they be about, what are their purpose etc. (brainstorming)
  • When the brainstorming phase is over the teacher asks his students if they ever participated in such activities, if they did they he would ask them some volunteers to narrate their experiences or if no one has ever participated in such an activity, the teacher tells his story (anectods)


  • After the pre-task stage, the teacher asks his students to stay in groups of four decide upon an outdoor activity business. Upon deciding their business they are going to design their own business brochures for advertisement purposes regarding the previously given brochures as the input material. (Media Projects)


  • Upon finishing their brochures, they will advertise their business by presentation of their brochures.



  • Form groups of 4 and inspect the given brochures. Discuss what could be purpose of these brochures. Have you ever participated in such outdoor activities, if you did narrate your memory to the class.


  • In groups of four, inspect the given brochures again and then discuss and decide upon an outdoor business. Imagine that you are responsible for advertisement and design a brochure for your business regarding the previously given brochures in the sense of layout, language and informative value.


  • After designing your advertisement brochures, present them to the class and advertise your business according to the points you have made on your brochure.

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