1. Listing
  2. Matching
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Creative Tasks/Projects
  5. Sharing Personal Experiences

Classroom Procedure

  • Pre-Task
    • You make an introduction to the topic.
    • In addition, we are kind of expected to activate the students’ background knowledge.
    • If necessary, we can also do some small mini-tasks which will prepare the students to the main task.
  • Task-Cycle
    • Task
      • Your main task should have an observable outcome for the stage of Planning and Reporting.
    • Planning
      • Planning of reporting.
    • Reporting
      • Reporting the outcome of the task
  • Language Focus
    • Analysis and Practice Activities
      • We are expected to focus more on form.
      • Most of the time activities are more controlled and more form focused.
      • Because our purpose is a communicative function what we need to keep in mind is, if there is no one to one correspondence, we can think of activities to establish it.

Level: B1
Age: 15-16
Class Population: 20

Goal: Presenting and exchanging information.
Input: Combination different Vlogger’s videos about unique cafes around the globe as well as their such cafes advertisement brochures.
Activity: Listing (Brainstorming), Ordering-Sorting (Ranking), Sharing Personal Experiences (Anecdotes), Creative Tasks (Media Projects)
Setting: Groups of Four
Learners Roles: Contextualised businesspeople, advertising and designing.
Teacher Roles: Instructing before hand and observing in the process.


  • Teacher greets students and asks how are they feeling that day.
  • After greeting, he proceeds to ask if the students go cafes in their times and if they go what kind of cafes they go.
  • Students talk about their personal experiences and later on teacher says that there many different kind of cafes around the world and proceeds to show a video that contains different cafes around the globe with different themes such as maid-cafes in Japan, Game Cafes in Turkey and Pet Cafes na.
  • After showing the video teacher mirrors some brochures to the screen as well as handing down them to the students so that they can analyse them.


  • Firstly, teacher divides the students into groups four and then tells them that suppose you are going to open a cafe with a unique concept and advertise it through simple brochures which include your place’s title, its concept, what it is famous for and your top 5 selected food & drinks.
  • Students then proceed to brainstorm individually about different concepts and then present them to their colleagues and later on in a democratic manner they discuss and rank their ideas and decide upon one theme.
  • After deciding upon their theme they will then start decide upon the title of cafe and the cuisine to be in it and then they will start designing their brochures by inspecting the previously given ones.


  • After successfully completing the task-cycle they will advertise their Cafes through the brochures they have designed.

Language Focus

  • They will analyse the given brochures before and focus on the language specifically used there and then they will be presented with practice activities that aim on use modal verbs, time expressions, vocabulary of foods and beverages.

Teacher Notes: Goal should include communicative function. If the goal does not fit the task, it’s meaningless. Instructions should be more structured and clear. Timing should be revised as this task requires minimum two lessons. Level of the students are probably elementary because its output demands are low. Decide on the goal first.

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