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Recently RFSU (The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) has published video series about sex education in various languages including Turkish and Kurdish for their citizens. The videos include information about both female and male bodies, hymen and virginity, birth control and other related subjects. Before, giving more information, let’s see what RFSU is,


RFSU is a Swedish non-profit organization that was founded February 24, 1933. It works with public opinion formation on sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as information and education about sexuality and relationships. They work with information, education and advocacy by organizing courses, conferences and debates.


Now that we know what RFSU is and their purpose, we could talk about the videos they’ve published. As Sweden has become a multi-cultural country which consists many ethnicities they have decided to dub their sex education to various languages such Turkish and Kurdish. After the dubbed videos got released, not only its citizen has shown interest in them but also Turks living in Turkey also has shown interest but why?


Although Turkey being first country to give right of voting to women, it is one of the most misogynistic countries due to policies of the current government. Currently, in Turkey domestic violence and violence towards women in general is high which leads to deaths of many women. Not only violence but also wrong assumptions towards sex and women are dangerously at high level.

For example, many people in Turkey accepts sex as a taboo and believes that it mustn’t be done before marriage. Therefore, virginity is considered to be a significant trait for a woman but unfortunately people believe that hymen is related to virginity. As a result, even the women who follow this ideology could get blamed on many things from cheating to adultery.

As the act of sex is seen as a taboo, many people do not prefer to talk about it and educate one another. Especially for women, it’s considered very rude to talk about sex or even talk about their period. This very issue leads to mutual ignorance and forms a vicious circle.

http _i.huffpost.com_gen_2040430_images_n-SEX-EDUCATION-628x314.jpg

Yet, still government sees sex education inappropriate and such subjects as intimate subjects.

Luckily Sweden has taken action for its Turkish citizens and dubbed their sex education videos. I hope this to be an example for Turkey and its citizens and improve their knowledge with such videos.

Here are the dubbed videos,

Thank you for leaving your time and reading my post!

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