Hello Everyone!

Months ago our Material Design teacher at university introduced us Second Life, a virtual world in which you can be anyone and be in any place you woud like.

Once you complete your registiration you’re asked to choose your avatar which can be changed later on in game. After downloading the game, you will be spawned in a tutorial zone in which the game will teach you basics of the mechanics. Completing the tutorial is up to you, you can just skip to the game itself and teleport to wherever you would like to. In our case, it will be Istanbul University.


Thanks to Tuncer Can and his colleagues, we can visit our university even in the virtual world and even engage in activities and and virtual classes there. But, how is this going to contribute to education? There are a few things that I’ve came up with in this matter.

  1. Second Life is accessible anywhere in the world (except North Korea) which allows students to participate in classes anyhwere in the world.
  2. Second Life is free and optional purchases don’t affect the gameplay which forms an equal enviroment for all the players in it.
  3. Second Life’s customization system allows you to make your own avatar, which in return gives the player confidence and reduces social anxiety drastically.
  4. Second Life’s authentic environment could be a great place to practice English and improvise your various communication skills.

Of course, after being introduced to Second Life, we were supposed to participate in it and take a selfie in the game with our character. So, here it is Snapshot_002.png

And here is videogamedunkey’s Second Life Experience,

Thanks for leaving your time and reading!



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