Hello Everyone!

Recently I’ve discovered an application called Aurasma as known as HP Reveal. This application provides us tools of augmented reality to insert images or videos beneath of other images.

Now that sounds very good, isn’t it? Features of this application can be used in various aspects of life, especially in education. If you ask why, here are my reasons,

  1. HP Reveal is a free application, everyone can use it.
  2. HP Reveal lets you see the hidden images-videos of only the people that you are following. This prevents unwanted accidents such as finding a dick-pic beneath a cute picture.
  3. As its concept, HP Reveal lets you hide images-videos beneath images. This can be used as an image hunt or a way of learning new words while learning a language.

Now, good things aside, this application is currently nothing but garbage. After HP has taken over this application, it seems like it’s completely abandoned. The application is unstable, the web-site is broken and you may encounter many “privilege” errors while uploading images-videos.

But to give it a try I have made my post there but in order to see my post you have to follow me on the platform. My username is mkd47. After following my channel on the application, scan the image below 🙂


HP Reveal Logo.jpg

Thanks for leaving your time and reading!

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