Hello Everyone!

After a long week, I really wanted rest all the day but it appeared that I had to escort my little brother to his training ^^

He’s a dedicated basketball player, playing at Darussafaka Ayhan Sahenk Gym and to my surprise, it’s really a good place 🙄 Although the outside of the gym is not that good, the inside is vice versa.

As I was hungry I first looked for a canteen and asked my brother if it’s expensive or not 😂 Well, again to my surprise it wasn’t that expensive, I mean 7 liras for an Ayvalık Toast is a bit too much but still, it’s something 😂

After walking long corridors, seeing many sportsmen and sportswomen, as a computer geek, I’ll not lie but I envied a bit 🙄 Anyway, after those long corridors finally we’ve arrived to the court which is also quite well 😁

After watching kids playing it for 2 hours finally it was time to go home which is what I wanted most at that moment but not going to lie it was a pleasant morning for me 😁

Note: The green team has won the game 😁

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